Carry Trade

The carry trade presents a unique investment opportunity that is set to benefit from a competitive interest rate environment and a strengthening economy.This investment strategy has been used by many in the past; however, the timing today offers a compelling opportunity, given the clear signs of a recovering economy following the bold reform plan that has been carefully orchestrated by the government and the CBE and has so far been successfully implemented. The country has been put on its due course with leading indicators of the recovery already becoming apparent.

With the current interest rates and treasury yields, the carry trade would be ideal to lock up investments with higher yields. Etihad capital- NAEEM Holding investment arm in the UAE- has packaged this opportunity to offer clients a competitive leveraging facility along with an efficient tax structure.

EGX30 (EGYPT) 23265.53 0.01 %
ADX (Abu Dhabi) 9275.82 -0.33 %
DFM (Dubai) 3729.91 -0.58 %
TASI (Saudi Arabia) 10341.81 -1.47 %