• Headed by a team of experienced analysts with over 30 years of combined global and emerging markets expertise, our research department covers all major sectors including telecommunications, real estate, petrochemicals, oil & gas, building materials and financial services etc.,
  • Since 2007, NAEEM Research has dramatically expanded its coverage and product offering.
  • Our focus emphasises a value-driven approach, with a strategy to be pre-emptive/intuitive while generating ideas/recommendations.
  • NAEEM Research was ranked number-3 among Egyptian research houses in the Extell 2015 survey.
  • On a quarterly basis, NAEEM publishes close to 300 research notes inclusive of English and Arabic; pertaining mainly to the 45-50 MENA tickers actively covered by the department.
  • Readership trends show close to a 100% growth compared to July 2013 levels or pre-team restructuring.
  • 89% of NAEEM research readers pertain to Buyside clients – indicating significant interest from PMs and a big untapped client base.
  • NAEEM Research passively covers stocks that are listed in London/NY, but with substantial exposure towards MENA.
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