NAEEM Asset Management provides an unparalleled opportunity to invest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) capital markets. Its skill lies in identifying investments in well-defined asset classes in the region while concurrently recognizing the socio-economic factors that determine market moves.


NAEEM Asset Management’s main investment arms are NAEEM Financial Investments “NFI” based in Egypt and Ethiad Capital (an arm-length subsidiary) based in the UAE. Through these investment arms, NAEEM has excellent coverage to identify opportunities in the region.


NAEEM Asset Management boasts a team of high caliber investment professionals who are well positioned to tackle the intrinsic challenges of the MENA markets. They can provide dynamic investment solutions to serve our three distinct client groups: Institutions, High Net-worth Individuals and respected Retail Clients. These solutions are tailored to meet the distinct risk profile and investment objectives of each group. Our professional team of Portfolio Managers and Analysts is empowered by an investment strategy that fuses fundamental, quantitative and technical tools and are backed up by a large proprietary regional research database. Thus we can offer solid business solutions and effective management of our clients’ assets.

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