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The company has distinctive real estate assets; administrative buildings in Smart Village, housing units in 6th of October, as well as a land plot in the Red

Holding Company (Real Estate Investment) LE 1 billion of capital, 200 million issued shares.

SVREICO Real Estate Investment (SVREICO)

SVREICO owns 23,270 square meters of land in smart village divided into 12 pieces of land, which will be used for the construction of the administrative buildings with a total area of 113,000 square meters.
Considered one of the largest developers of office buildings in the Smart Village.
The company completed 4 administrative buildings on an area of 5,770 square meters of land.

NAEEM Real Estate Investment (NREI)

Belady 99%

Belady owns 505,000 square meters of land in Marsa Alam, Red Sea.
It aims to be one of the fully developed companies in integrated tourism activity in Marsa Alam.

Palm Parks

Direct Ownership 100%

NAEEM owns 100 housing units in Palm Parks and 62 units in CASA Royal project with a total construction area approximately 50,000 square meters.
The two are considered of the most popular residential complexes in the province of 6th of October. Palm Hills, one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, is responsible for the construction and management of the project.
Units are still under construction. 100 units will be delivered in 2013 and the rest of the units will be delivered in 2014.