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    Why Gold Capital?
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Gold Capital enjoys the following competitive advantages over the other market participants:

  • Local & Imported + Repurchase: Trade in local and imported gold, and guarantees clients to re-purchase any quantities sold.
  • Quality: Dealing in highest purity gold (24 carat) internationally known with 999.9 bullion.
  • Creditability & Trading Facilities: All gold sold is physically stamped by the Egyptian authority ( the Assay & Weights Administration) which gives high credibility and facilitates its trading in the Egyptian market.

  • Update prices + No processing cost: Gold Capital pricing policy is immediately linked to international markets’ prices shown on the screen minute by minute. We do not deduct any procesign cost.
  • Only 25% upfront: Gold Capital is the only Egyptian company that allows the client to pay 25% of the total cost up-front and the rest upon delivery, (other firms require a 100% up-front payment).

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