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NAEEM Holding presented by Gold Capital is considered the first Egyptian company that trades in gold bullions from all over the world. Gold Capital was established in early 2011 with cooperation with two of the biggest names in the gold world, namely PAMP in Switzerland and MKS in Dubai. The company offers the following services:

  • Operating in trading raw gold in the form of processed bullions locally produced or imports mainly from Switzerland.
  • Dealing only in the gold with highest purity of 999.9 in addition to very fine gold products with customized engraving forms.
  • Having its unique buying and selling terms that gives its customers the benefit of using the up to date international prices shown live on the screens.
  • Having the privilege of delivering gold to the customers including all relative costs (custom, stamps duty…. etc.).


Why Gold?


Gold is considered one of the basic assets that should be an essential part of any long-term investment portfolio strategy. Gold is known as an all-time value keeper especially at times of financial crises. Investment experts consider Gold as the only asset that keeps its value growing as time passes throughout all ages. The following table shows an overall uptrend for Gold:


Date 30/10/2006 30/10/2008 30/10/2010 30/10/2012 30/10/2014 30/10/2016
$/Ounce 606 723 1359 1720 1174 1277

Gold Capital enjoys the following competitive advantages over the other market participants:


  • Local & Imported + Repurchase: Trade in local and imported gold, and guarantees clients to re-purchase any quantities sold.
  • Quality: Dealing in highest purity gold (24 carat) internationally known with 999.9 bullion.
  • Creditability & Trading Facilities: All gold sold is physically stamped by the Egyptian authority (the Assay & Weights Administration) which gives high credibility and facilitates its trading in the Egyptian market.
  • Updated Prices + No Processing Cost: Gold Capital pricing policy is immediately linked to international markets’ prices shown on the screen minute by minute. No processing cost is deducted.

Only 25% Upfront Payment: Gold Capital is the only Egyptian company that allows the client to pay 25% of the total cost up-front and the rest upon delivery, (other firms require a 100% up-front payment).