• NAEEM Brokerage has physical offices in Egypt as well as the UAE.
  • In Egypt, NAEEM operations are supported by the headquarter as well as 7 branches, including 3 operated by AT Brokerage that was acquired by NAEEM in November 2016. NAEEM Shares and Bonds(NSB) operates in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi Financial markets through 2 offices.
  • NAEEM has also access to  GCC markets, Europe and the United states via third trusted parties.
EGX30 (EGYPT) 9760.18 1.57 %
ADX (Abu Dhabi) 3878.84 2.87 %
DFM (Dubai) 1832.28 1.28 %
TASI (Saudi Arabia) 6376.62 0.79 %